Keep The Learning Going: In the Car

Building vocabulary and understanding is one of the big keys to helping your child get ready for kindergarten. Keep the conversation going in the car and talk to your child about:

  • Where are you going: are you turning left or right? What color is the traffic light? What do the 3 colors mean? Do you stop or go at the traffic light? What does a stop sign mean? What are crosswalks? How long will it take you to get where you are going? What will you do there?
  • Other cars on the road: Is that a car or a truck? What do you think is inside that truck? Can you guess what kind of work the truck does just from looking at it? How many wheels are on that truck? What color is that car in front of you? Next to you? How many green cars can you see today? Count them. What color is grandpa’s car? How many doors does that car have? How many people are in that car? Ask questions and tell your child information, too.
  • The road: Why do we have lines on the road? Where does this road go? What number is this exit? What is a crosswalk? What is a toll road? Do you use money or EZPass? Are their traffic lights on this road? How many traffic lights until you turn? Count them. Which way will you turn?
  • Car vocabulary: car, wheel, tires, seat belt, car seat, window, roof, light, floor, turn signal, windshield wipers, brake lights, brakes, gas, mirror, bumper, driver side, passenger side, front seat, back seat, door, hatch, tail gate, head lights, horn, sun visor, door handle, lock, trunk
  • Road vocabulary: toll, road, speed, speed limit, lane, traffic light, red, yellow, green, emergency lights, merge, bridge, drawbridge, highway, bus, truck, car, toll booth, river, EZ Pass, tunnel, bay, directions, yield, stop, no trucks, motorcycle, tractor trailer, car carrier, gas/food/lodging signs
  • Silly songs for the car:
    • The Wheels on the Bus (or Car)
    • Itsy Bitsy Spider
    • The Ants Go Marching
    • Any song on the Silly Songs CD
  • Games for in the car:
    • I Spy with my little eye
    • I’m thinking of something …
    • ABC game. First person says an A word, second one a B word …
  • Be sure to pack: water, wipes, plastic bags, extra clothes, snack, favorite lovey or toy, some books or toys
  • Make a car trip a learning experience and you can help your child get ready for kindergarten!