Home Preschool Curriculum: Get Ready To Read!

Step 1: Find a great book (check out our monthly book list)

Step 2: Pick a comfy spot to snuggle up with your child and that great book

Step 3: Before you jump into the story, check out the book!

30926807 - happy family on the couch reading storybook at home in the living room

  • Look at the cover together, talk about the cover picture.
  • Point to the title and read it aloud to our child.
  • Tell your child that the author is the person who wrote the book, point to their name and read it aloud.
  • If there is an illustrator, tell your child that the person who draws the pictures is called an illustrator; point to their name and read it to your child.

Step 4: Read the book to your child using our How to read with your child parent guide

Step 5: When you are done, tell your child you LOVE to read with them!