Keep The Learning Going: At The Library

Libraries are magical places where pirates roam and unicorns dance and children can fly – all within the pages of a book!

Ready to travel the world?  Fasten your seat belt and let’s go!

Step 1: Check out your local public library!

Many have weekly story hours for preschoolers and special children’s library rooms or areas with seasonal displays, kid sized furniture, and computers for children’s use. 34599447 - asian schoolboy reading book in school library

Some have free passes to local attractions like museums and zoos that you can borrow with your library card

Step 2: Get a Library Card for yourself AND for your child!

You will need a picture ID and proof of residency like a utility bill or driver’s license.
Ask about how to return books and how long the borrow period is for different materials.
Are their movies and books on tape available? Fees for late returns?
Does your library have a borrowing program with other libraries?
Is there an electronic library service available to download books to your device or computer?

Step 3: Take advantage of summer reading programs and activities!

Every summer, libraries across the country offer special programs, activities, and incentives to engage your child in summer reading.    Ask about passes to local attractions!

Step 4: Ask for a tour! 47650261_s

There are so many different kinds of books and resources available in your local children’s library that you might not know to take advantage of them! Ask your children’s librarian to give you and your child a tour and a run down on special opportunities and programs.

Step 5: Get on the mailing list!

If something awesome is happening, you want to know about it before it happens!

Step 6: Sign up for preschool story hours and special programs!

Check out pre-registration deadlines, sometimes these programs fill up fast

and you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity for you and your little one!

Step 7: Check out some books and take them home!

*Decide on a special place to keep the books like a special basket or shelf. Then when you are ready to return them it will be easy to grab them and go!

*When you get home with your new books, mark the calendar for the day they must be returned.

*Pick a day each week for library day. This helps you keep new books coming into the house and prevents overdue book fines.

Step 6: Start reading!!!!! 42973040_s

Some of the best parent-child bonding comes from snuggling up with a good book…

in a fort under the kitchen table or perched in the branch of a tree or the top of a slide!