Kermit the Frog was WRONG!!!

Kermit was WRONG!!!!!

It’s easy being green, on St. Patrick’s Day!

I know Kermit sang that lovely song about the trials and tribulations of being green, but really? And I’m sure frogs and Martians have trouble with their greenness when they are trying to fit in. But on St. Patrick’s Day Green is the ultimate color!

People eat green food and drink green beverages. They wear green clothes and hats and funny green buttons. Some people go all out and dress in green like leprechauns. Other’s put an O’ in front of their name and decide to be Irish for the day. In our local St. Patrick’s Day Parade, people dye their hair and beards green for the day. They even paint the center road line green!

Remember when you were in elementary school? You wore green because you didn’t want to be pinched! Have fun with this at your house. Tickle anyone who isn’t wearing green and help them get some green on.

So, for one day, no matter where your family comes from, be Irish! Borrow from Dr. Seuss and have green eggs and ham for breakfast. You could have a green smoothie for breakfast and a green salad for lunch, give your child sugar snap peas or celery sticks for lunch. The traditional Irish dinner is corned beef with boiled cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Maybe you could have ground beef (hamburgers), French fries, cole slaw and carrots with green frosted cookies for dessert? Or have Lucky Charms for a snack, there’s nothing more Irish than pots of gold and rainbows and a friendly leprechaun.

Show your child all the green in their life for one day:

  • Grass? The snow is melted here and it’s starting to green up. Palm trees?
  • Plants in your house? Maybe popping up in your yard or the neighborhood park?
  • Green on a traffic light means GO!
  • Paper money is green.
  • Many veggies are green and so are some fruits like kiwi and grapes.
  • Walls painted green? Green furniture? Or dishes? Crayons and markers?
  • How many green cars can you find? Trucks? Bet you don’t see a green motorcycle, but maybe a bicycle.
  • Green toys? Legos? Barbie shoes? Game pieces? Trolls? Stuffed animals?
  • And don’t forget the big guy, Kermit! He has a bunch of relatives that are all green! Do any of them live near you?

And then, there’s another definition of green that we need to remember every day, not just once a year. Do something to help take care of our planet as a family today, because that’s the best green of all.

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room and explain why you do it.
  • Teach your child to turn off the water while they are brushing their teeth and turn it back on to rinse.
  • Recycle as a family.
  • Use a glass or plastic cup for drinks instead of paper cups.

Let’s all show Kermit some love and be green, too.

The luck of the Irish will be with you!