Can you nest in a nest?

Did you check out the Monday Book Club suggestion, “Mama Outside, Mama Inside”? The outside mama was busy building a nest for her eggs to hatch and grow in until they were ready to fly off and be grown-up birds. A nest is a cozy, warm, safe place for baby birds to grow.

So, how do we use this word to build a child’s vocabulary? Here’s 3 quick tips to teach the word nest:

  • nestAsk your child what a nest is. Perhaps there is a nest in your yard or neighborhood. Quickly, before the leaves pop on the trees, go look in the branches for evidence of nests. Do you have a birdhouse near? Perhaps in a bird refuge or park? Read a book about birds (check out our April Book List for suggestions in our Foundations Blueprint) and point out the nest in the pictures.
  • Explain that nests are built by the birds. Each different bird uses different materials to build a “perfect for them” kind of nest. And if you want to see nests (and eggs and birds in action) check out this link to the Cornell University bird site:
  • To show your child that nests are nice for humans, too, build a nest out of blankets and pillows and snuggle in your nest for a family story time and maybe even a little nap!

Try these ideas and your child will always remember what a nest is!

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