One rule of summer: TALK to each other!

Summer is the perfect time for silly stories and lots of family fun!

*Tell a story! Your children love to hear stories about you when you were their age. If you have trouble getting started, find some pictures to use as a guide. Or just focus on one childhood memory:

48838082 - dad and son fishing at lake    the time you went fishing with your uncle

68147012 - close-up of a little boy making cookies with his grandma, at a kitchen table     or a time you baked cookies with your grandma

 Maybe you and your brother had a secret hiding place or your sister once blew a bubble so big that it burst and she had gum all over her face. (If a story shows your lack of good judgement you should probably tell it about a “friend”.) Just a few sentences are all you need to make your childhood come alive and help your child connect to the child in you.

*If you absolutely cannot think of a story about you as a child, call your parents or sibling and ask them to share a story with your child. Finding their place in your family history is so important to a child. Something simple like grandma telling them that you insisted that crusts be cut off your sandwiches is a connection to you as a child.

Share yourself with your children, you are so much more fun than a video game! There are only two rules for summer:
1. Read every day with your children!

2. Play with your children every day!