A Day at the Beach: Fun or Educational?

Word Wednesday: Build vocabulary AND a sandcastle!

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach! Warm sand, cold salt water, buckets and shovels, sandcastles, the smell of sunscreen, the screech of seagulls – magic!

So, how do we use this word to build a child’s vocabulary? Here’s 3 quick tips to teach the word beach: 39202308_s

  • Ask your child what a beach is. Do you have pictures of an earlier trip to the beach? Get them out and look at them. Be sure to show your little one pictures of him/her having fun in the sand. Point out the sand and water and beach toys and towels and umbrella. Talk about why they are all important parts of going to the beach.
  • When you get to the beach, talk about and name the different things to see and do. There are so many chances to build vocabulary by just looking around. For example: Are there lifeguards? Where do they sit? Explain what they do. Take your child to introduce them. Ask them to explain their job and equipment to your child. Ask them (in front of your child) what you should look out for or be careful about. Are there rip tides or currents? Places you can and cannot swim? Build a connection between your child and the lifeguard. Showing your child that you put safety first is an important life lesson.
  • PLAY! Play in the sand, play in the water, build a sand castle, pretend you are pirates, have fun together! 12136422 - sand castle on the beachAnd as you play, talk about what you are doing, seeing, smelling, tasting – that’s how you build your child’s vocabulary!


Try these ideas and your child will always remember

your special day at the beach!