Be helpful, act like a bug!


Did you check out the Monday Book Club suggestion, “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle? Lady bugs are a kind of beetle. Beetles are a specific kind of insect whose front wings are hard and called wing cases.



Some kinds of beetles damage plants and crops, but ladybugs eat insects that hurt plants.

So, how do we use this word to build a child’s vocabulary? Here’s 3 quick tips to teach the word beetle:

  • Look for beetles in your garden or a neighborhood park with your child. The big difference in a beetle is the hardened front wings. Point them out to your child and talk about other flying bugs they have seen that have regular front wings.
  • Did you find a ladybug? Talk about how they help plants stay healthy by eating insects that will hurt them or make the plant sick. Tell your child about dots and polka dots. Take a piece of red paper and color black dots all over it. Where else can you find dots? Clothing? Chocolate chip cookies? Blueberry pancakes?
  • Share with your child that people can help plants be healthy, too! Act like a helpful beetle and take a damp paper towel and wipe off the top and bottom of leaves on your house plants. Just getting rid of dust will help them breath better and be healthier.


Try these ideas and your child will always remember what a beetle is!