Pumpkins and pitchforks and signs of fall!

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne and Lizzy Rockwell tells the story of a family trip to a local farm to pick apples and buy a pumpkin.

apples and pumpkins

When the air turns cool and the leaves change color on the trees, this family heads to Comstock Farm to pick apples and buy a pumpkin for Halloween. Join in as this family picks apples in the orchard and picks pumpkins off the vine.

While you are working on communicating with other people in social settings this month as one of our Language Skills, use the pictures in this book to build vocabulary to help your child add more detail to their conversations. Lizzy Rockwell is author Anne’s daughter and she fills this book with clear pictures of apple trees and farm animals and pumpkin vines.

Use Lizzy’s pictures to talk about:

  • Differences between chickens, roosters, turkeys, and geese
  • Farms, barns, silos, orchards, pitchforks
  • Signs of fall

This is a wonderful book for building fall and farm vocabulary! Enjoy it with a child you love and build that vocabulary.