Apple Memory Game

This game is from our September Subscription Box. For more ideas on how to build on this game, check out our Blog:             What can we learn from an apple?

Apple Memory

66834228 - mcintosh, fuji, mutsu, and gala apples in rows of small baskets for sale at a farmers market

Object of game: make the most matches from memory.

Start with 2 red apple cards, 1 green, & 1 yellow. Show your child the different color apples and name the colors. Set one red apple apart. Ask your child to find the apple that is the same, then the 2 that are different. Show your child that the 2 red apples make a pair or a match.
Now, take 2 of each color apple, show your child how they make 2 matches or pairs. Have your child practice making pairs.
To play: start with 1 pair of each color. Turn over the cards. Show you child how to turn over 2 cards and look to see if they are a pair. If they are, you keep them together face up in front of you. If they don’t, put them back where they were. (Learning to put them back in the same pace is an important part of this game, your memory remembers where the cards are.) Take turns turning over pairs. One with most pairs when you run out of cards, wins!
Build up to using 4 of each color apple. You can print more apples for more players. You need an even number of each color apple.

Get cards here: Apple Memory cards