What can we learn from an apple?

Many blogs start out with a story, but this one starts with an intro to the story. We are working on adding 2 new levels to our basic Blueprints program (that’s why we are staying with the same themes this year – but we are changing what’s included each month).
The 2 new levels are a Membership Site and a Subscription Box. Here’s how they break down:
Blueprints will stay the same, next September starts a brand new year of themes! This will remain free forever and will give families access to the themed activities as well as our research based curriculum. Families will need to find their own resources and materials to fill out the basic program outline.
Membership Site will be up and running in our Beta Test Group in November. It will use the same theme and curriculum as Blueprints, but will have all the resources and ideas you need available for download from the secure Membership Site. This program will also include an online Support Group and monthly Q&A session for questions you may have.
Our Subscription Box is already up and running in our Beta Test Group! Once a month, the box arrives at your home with all of the books, materials, crafts, supplies, etc. all included and ready to go! It includes access to all of the Membership Site resources and supports. Here’s a look at our September Box:
2017-01-02 23.09.54
So, here’s the story: one of our Beta Testers took our Apple Memory Game and added another level to it. She had such a good idea, that I thought you might like to try this with your own child! She took a picture of each of the 3 color apples and talked with her grandchild about how they are all different when you look at them – red, yellow, green. But when you cut open an apple, it is the same as every other apple. It may be a red apple or a green apple, but most importantly – it’s an apple!. If you took 3 real apples (red, yellow, and green), you could look for all the differences on the outside – size, color, stem size, leaf or no leaf, fat and round or tall and thinner. Focus on what’s different. And then peel all three apples and try to tell them apart – they look the same on the inside!
For an added dimension, you could talk about how some apples are sweet and some are kind of sour or some are hard and others kind of mushy (just like our personalities!)
Or, you could talk about how each of us has the potential to be fabulous! There’s a star inside each and everyone of us, just waiting to burst out into the world and make it a better place! If you cut that apple in half widthwise, you’ll find a star in the apple to help make your point!
Here’s the link to the Apple Memory Game from our September Subscription Box. You can print it out to use with your child.
(The Subscription Box comes with printed cards ready to separate). GET APPLE MEMORY GAME HERE!