Let’s read and learn about pumpkins!

Fall Pumpkins, Orange and Plump by Martha E. H. Rustad  is a beginning chapter book that traces the cycle of pumpkins from seed to your tummy or jack-o-lantern!


Chapter One tells us how to grow pumpkins! Each page shares fact inserts as well as pictures to explain the steps to planting a good pumpkin patch.


Chapter Two follows the next stage of the pumpkin cycle from flowers on the vine to a pumpkin ready to pick.

Chapter Three shows us how to turn our pumpkin into a yummy pie, a scary jack-o-lantern, or next year’s pumpkin patch. There’s even a recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds to make a healthy snack!

While you are working on communicating with other people in social settings this month as one of our Language Skills, use the pictures in this book to build vocabulary to help your child add more detail to their conversations. Go to a pumpkin patch if you can and look for evidence of the vines that grew the pumpkins or use math vocabulary as you look for the biggest or smallest, tallest or shortest; count the pumpkins on the ground.

Use the pictures to talk about:

  • Moats aren’t only found around pumpkin plants – find a picture of a moat around a castle or a sandcastle. Talk about why we use moats.
  • Have you ever seen a scarecrow? Look for them in fields, books, pictures, and stores. Talk about why farmers use scarecrows.
  • In chapter one, the children are wearing shorts and short sleeves, they’re dressed differently in chapter three. Talk about why.

This is a wonderful book for building fall and pumpkin vocabulary! Enjoy it with a child you love and build that vocabulary.