Get up and MOVE!!!

The Busy Body Book written and illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell might be just the book you are looking for if you want to exercise with your child AND understand why it is so important to move our bodies. busy body book

In an easy to understand, kid-friendly format, Lizzy Rockwell give us great ideas for moving our bodies! “Busy bodies bounce” just like Tigger!  “You have hands for clapping, feet for stamping, legs for leaping, and arms for swinging.” That pretty much covers the essentials, but Lizzy also gives us the why behind our bodies needing to move. Easy to follow pictures of our skeleton, muscles, digestion system, and our hearts show us how each system works by itself and works together to make our bodies absolutely amazing!

This fun book will help you explain the human body to curious children and back you up on why it’s important to be healthy.