Have you ever played “Follow the Leader” at night?

Taiko on a Windy Night written by Sally Derby and illustrated by Kate Kiesler tells about the night time adventures of a small black cat named Taiko.

 taikoSally Derby is a cat lover and she has one very adventurous kitty who inspired the story of Taiko. The wind makes this nightime walk extra special! When the wind blows dry leaves along the ground, Taiko pounces on them. Do you know a cat? Have you ever bounced a piece of string along the floor or flickered a flashlight for them? Cats love to pounce on things that move! When the wind blows a trash can lid to the ground it makes a loud noise; Taiko gets scared and leaps into a tree. He sees and hears so many things on his nightime prowl that you and your child can act out after you read the story!

So many colorful words fill this story and your child will love to add them to his or her word bank: stirred, floated, twitched, padded, sprinted, scrambled, strolled, and sauntered. Move like a cat and try out these fun action words! Try a game of Follow the Leader: Bound across the grass! Duck under a bush! Back down a tree! Amble like a racoon! Streak after a mouse!

March is all about wind and Taiko spends a special windy evening exploring the neighborhood. But he still ends up where we all want to be at night, safe and warm in our own snuggly bed!