Wandering children scare moms of all species!

ducklingsA Mama Duck and her 8 ducklings share a snug nest on the side of a pond in this Caldecott Honor Book by Nancy Tafuri.

(Look for the Caldecott Medal on the book’s cover; it represents the best illustrations for the year the book was published.) In the book, Have You Seen My Duckling?, the story is told through pictures and very few words.

Be sure to look carefully at the title page or you will miss the beginning of the action in this sweet story about a family of 7 ducklings who stay where they are supposed to and one who is a bit of a wanderer. Mama Duck looks everywhere for her missing baby and asks her friends around the pond, “Have you seen my duckling?”

Be sure to look for the missing duckling on each page! After you have shared the story of Mama looking for her missing baby, go back through the book again and tell the story of the wandering duckling. This is a great time to remind your own little one that it is not safe to wander away from your parents no matter how interesting something looks!