Make Way for Boston!

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey tells the story of soon-to-be parents looking for the ideal neighborhood to build their first home. Yes, the expectant parents are ducks, but the lessons to be learned apply to all species! Things like:

  • Listen to your parents! Come when they call you!
  • Stay together! Don’t wander off!
  • Drink lots of clean water! Eat healthy food!Make way for ducklings
  • Look both ways before crossing the street!

Check out this fun story with your child. Practice walking in a line. Rhyme with your child’s name. Build a nest out of pillows and blankets for nap or rest time! Practice quacking and waddling!

And the entire story is set in Boston! If you are traveling to Boston for the marathon this weekend or over the summer for vacation, be sure to grab this book and walk the path Mrs. Mallard took with the ducklings ending up at the Boston Public Garden for a swan boat ride and a picture with the famous ducklings!