Hey! It’s Summer! Go Outside!

Get out of the house and have fun!

Today we will bring Science play to the yard:

*To be a Scientist, you need science equipment!

  1. Grab a pot, plastic bowl, or bucket
  2. 60 inch measuring tape, 5 feet of sting or rope, a personal jump rope, or a garden hose
  3. Magnifying glass (if you don’t have one, start looking at the dollar or discount store in the toy department, stationary, or with the eye glasses)
  4. A few spoons
  5. Some plastic cups or small bowls

*Mark off your “Research Lab” with the tape, rope, hose by forming a circle on the ground. Your Scientist is only allowed to look in one “sample field” at a time.


*Look closely for signs of life in your “sample field”. Is grass growing? Is the dirt dry or damp or wet? Are there any bugs? Scat from wildlife? Evidence of humans in this area? Stones or rocks? Everything your child finds is evidence to be examined and maybe tested! Talk about what you see. Pick 5 things for closer examination and put them in the pot/bowl/bucket. (This could be a blade of grass, a different color blade of grass, a stone, a candy wrapper, a bit of bunny fluff, some dirt, leaf, some kind of seed, etc.)

*Examine each item one at a time, use the tools you have to measure and inspect (magnifying glass, measuring tape, spoons). Turn a blade of grass over and look at both sides, is one side shinier, do you see a pattern in grass, is it all the same color, is it pointy or flat (what does that tell us about how recently the lawn was mowed)? Rub the dirt between your fingers, is it dry or damp, does it clump, are there any tiny roots in the dirt? Feather or fluff – what kind of animal or bird? Learn everything you can about each item. Record what you learn in a Science Journal.

*Bring out a blanket and a book and a snack and take a break while you plan where to explore next! 10171404_s(If you are doing your research in a park or playground, take the blanket, book, and snack with you to save time.)

Try something new every day! If an activity doesn’t work for your family, try something else!