One small child can make a BIG difference!

Liam lives in a gray city. 51XmE9U9DML._SX386_BO1,204,203,200_

Liam is curious.

Liam grows a garden.

Liam changes his whole city!

Read about Liam and his adventure in:

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown.

In today’s Book Club Monday selection, a young boy named Liam finds a tiny, struggling garden on an overhead train track in his very sad and dull city. Everything is gray! No trees, no parks, no gardens, YUCH! But Liam decides to change his city by making the garden healthy and happy. Soon, gardens start to pop up in odd places! Read this story and find out how one small boy changed an entire city.

Is there a sad and gray corner in your home that could use a plant? Maybe a corner of your yard needs some color to perk it up? Is there a spot in your town that could be happier and prettier? Maybe your friends or your church could help you brighten that space?

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