Have you ever picked blueberries? Or met a bear?

Blueberries for Sal written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey will pull you in from the very first illustration of a young girl walking into the bushes hand in hand with her mother! This book was published in 1948 and the pictures of the people, car, and home are delightfully old-fashioned, but the story is timeless and the bear cub mama and baby never age! 61warMOsrKL._AC_US218_

Sal and her Mom go out to pick blueberries on a warm summer day, but they aren’t the only ones! Parents of all species struggle to keep their little ones focused on a task and this book shares the story of 2 moms and 2 children on a blueberry-picking adventure.

Have you ever picked blueberries? Apples? Strawberries? It’s a wonderful activity to share with your child. When I used to take my daughter strawberry picking with me, I would sit her in front of a plant while I picked around her. When I was done, I would pay the Strawberry Lady a few extra dollars to cover Kristin’s strawberries; she never had any to take home! But we had fun together and then delicious strawberries to share at home.

Maybe you could make blueberry pancakes or muffins after reading this book?

This sweet story is a great “book-chat” starter:

  • How many blueberries were in Sal’s bucket? Why?
  • Who got tired of picking blueberries and sat down in the middle of a large clump of bushes and ate blueberries? And?
  •  Why are both moms thinking about winter on a warm summer day?
  • What’s the same and different about your kitchen and Sal’s?