Take a picture walk to a pumpkin farm!

Pumpkin Day by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace tells the story of a family of bunnies that goes to a pumpkin farm to buy pumpkins and learns a lot about pumpkins while they are there. 519etW+2kUL._AC_US218_

There is so much information and detail about pumpkin farms and the things farmers do to help the pumpkins grow that you can learn a lot from this book.   Pumpkin Day is full of great pictures with oodles of detail that you can use to talk a picture walk through this wonderful book.

While you are working with your child on communicating with other people, encourage your child to learn one of the pumpkin jokes in this book to share with others. (Start with a prepared family member and work up to the cashier at the grocery store!)

Try one of the yummy recipes for:

  • Pumpkin Pancakes
  • Pumpkin Muffins or
  • Pumpkin Seeds

This is a wonderful book for building fall vocabulary about pumpkins! Enjoy it with a child you love and build that vocabulary. (Also, check out the amazing illustrations in this book; Author/Artist Nancy Wallace makes them with cut paper and they are amazing!)