Two mice, one pumpkin, a pumpkin patch tragedy or a happy ending?

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll tells the story of 2 mice who fall in love with the same pumpkin.

  61MnfX43iFL._AC_US218_Two little mice. One special pumpkin. All good stories have a problem to solve, but this one takes some pretty unique teamwork to solve! Clayton, a house mouse, loves his pumpkin! He dreams of his pumpkin winning the blue ribbon at the town Pumpkin Contest! Desmond, a field mouse, loves his pumpkin! He dreams of his pumpkin being the best jack-o-lantern EVER! There’s only one problem, they both love the same pumpkin! Read this story about compromise and friendship as a sweet story to share and remember it for the day when you may need to talk with your child about compromise and working together.


Use this book to talk about:

  • How pumpkins grow (and how to make them grow bigger)

  • Nocturnal animals – one half of the story takes place at night

  • How to solve problems and work together

This is a wonderful book for building fall and farm and friendship vocabulary! Enjoy it with a child you love and build that vocabulary.