Orange and Plump! What am I?

Fall Pumpkins, Orange and Plump by Martha E. H. Rustad tells us everything we need to know about pumpkins!

 31sxX9nkfPL._AC_US218_This book is actually a “chapter book” and has 3 chapters which makes it a perfect 3 night read to take on a weekend trip in October (3 books for the space of 1!). The chapters cover the life of a pumpkin through the seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall.


Here’s a special “Pumpkin  Memory” to work on with your child:

  1. Ask your child to “retell” the story of how pumpkins grow. Start from a little seed. Write down what they say.
  2. Transfer their story to blank pages to tell their story step by step. You can do this by hand or on the computer. Write their story along the bottom of the page to leave space for an illustration or photo.
  3. Have your child illustrate the pages of the story. Date this treasure!
  4. Have your child “read” their story to everyone you can find!

Try the yummy recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Seeds after you have carved your pumpkin.

This is a wonderful book for building fall vocabulary about pumpkins! Enjoy it with a child you love and build that vocabulary. (Also, check out the amazing illustrations in this book; Illustrator Amanda Enright is amazing with her vocabulary-rich pictures!)