Meet Pumpkin Jack!

Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell is the story of a young boy named Tim who names his Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Jack.   

Tim carves his first Jack-O-Lantern and keeps Jack in his bedroom as a night light until Jack’s mother says Jack can no longer stay in the house because he is starting to rot. Tim moves Jack to the garden because he can’t bear to put his treasure in the trash. The story follows Jack through the changes of an old and rotten pumpkin until he disappears into the soil of the garden and then pops up as a new plant in the spring.

While you are working on communicating with other people in social settings this month as one of our Language Skills, spend time talking about how Tim shares his pumpkins. Encourage your child to think about:

  • how it would feel to share something they had grown or made themselves
  • how happy friends would be to get a pumpkin
  • what words Tim might use when asking if a friend would like to pick a pumpkin.

This is a wonderful book about the life cycle! Enjoy it with a child you love and build that vocabulary. If you have a garden and you decorate with pumpkins, think about putting an old pumpkin in your garden to watch it change.

(If your child enjoyed this story, look for Mousekin’s Golden House by Edna Miller at your local library. It’s an out of print story about the little mouse that moves into a discarded pumpkin. You will never think about a yucky old pumpkin the same way after reading this sweet story.)