GR4K’s Daily Kindergarten Readiness Tips:

Today’s GR4K Kindergarten Readiness Tip is:

12/3/2018: Help your child recognize the letters in their first name.

Here’s what this could look like:

  • Write your child’s first name on several cards. Start with a capital letter and make all of the rest lower case. For a set of “teacher approved” letters to use, look here:
  • Tape the name cards up in places your child will be during a day at home: bathroom mirror, fridge door, table where you eat meals, bedroom, toy storage, bookcase, etc.
  • Print the letter cards out and then  cut them into cards. Pull out the letters in your child’s name and put the rest away for now. This is not a learning to read sprint, it’s a marathon. Don’t worry about letter order right now, we’re going for connecting meaning to letters. The letters in your child’s name have meaning to your child. There is a reason to learn them. You are going to teach your child to break the code of their name!
  • For today, just get their name up and visible in your house. Start to draw attention to it. When brushing teeth, point to the name card and say “time to brush —‘s teeth” or “this is —‘s toothbrush” – just point  and use their name. You can tell your child that that is their name, but that’s all we’re working on right now.

12/2/2018: Family Focus Day! Read a book together as a family. Focus on following one character through the story.

12/1/2018: Family Focus Day! Cook breakfast together as a family. Try  apple bagels! Slice apples width wise, cut out core, spread with favorite toppings: peanut butter and raisins, honey and sesame seeds, cinnamon sugar, cream cheese and almonds! Be creative!