Show your child the magic of lights in the dark!

I have childhood memories of being bundled into the car on a dark winter night and going to look at Christmas lights! I grew up at the Jersey Shore and there was one special house that people came from miles away to enjoy. The Mueller Family had a Nursery and Garden Shop, so they had the know-how to put together a fantasy land every year. Music playing, life-sized Santa and the reindeer in the long gazebo at the end of the house. It was awesome! This is a story about a family that does the same thing my family did. Maybe yours does, too?

Christmas Lights by Ann Fearrington

51WPZ42H93L._AC_US160_A family goes for a drive to see all the beautiful lights in their town!

What a great idea to follow the family in the book!

Before you  go: covers pulled back, loveys in place, water bottle filled and next to the bed. Put your children in their pajamas and coats and off you go!

Talk about the lights you see! Colors, characters, sometimes music, you name it -it’s probably on someone’s front yard! (Check online for the recommended must-see decorations in your neighborhood!)