What comes first, the snowball or the snowman? Maybe not!

Sadie and the Snowman by Allen Morgan, illustrated by Brenda Clark tells the story of a little girl who builds “a really good snowman and he lasted for a longtime”. Eventually, the sun would come out and the snowman would melt. 51K11ifwFLL._SY470_BO1,204,203,200_But Sadie always saved part of him and kept that snowball in the freezer until the next time it snowed. And when it snowed, she would take her snowball out of the freezer and she’d start all over again. This girl was persistent!

  This is a good story to start a conversation about the water cycle, or  loyalty, or persistence, or patience. Sadie always manages to feed the birds and squirrels and bunnies, too. She is just the kind of child you want your child to have as a best friend!

This book is out of print, but can be ordered through Amazon.  We found it at our local libraries. If your child is interested in the water cycle, Bob the Snowman (Sylvia Loretan and Jan Lenica) is a good book to read.