Build a Bridge to Kindergarten!

That bridge is communication and GR4K’s Bridge to Kindergarten has 3 programs to help you build that bridge for your child!

Blueprints for Learning
FREE, monthly downloadable guide based on the Five Building Blocks to help you keep building your child’s vocabulary, school readiness, and confidence.

Sin up for Blueprints…

Kindergarten Construction Zone: DIY (Do It Yourself)
Monthly learning plans and materials delivered electronically based on the Five Building Blocks to help you engage your preschooler in the kinds of learning activities that will build confidence in themselves as a learner while also building the skills needed for success in kindergarten.

Join the Kindergarten Construction Zone:DIY…..

Kindergarten Construction Zone: D4Y (Done for You)
A year’s worth of learning materials delivered to your door every month to help you enjoy  quality learning time with your child without the hassle of planning, prepping, shopping, and gathering. This program includes a monthly overview,  learning packages, books on our monthly theme, Private Facebook Support Group, and KCZ Starter Kit.

Short on time, deep on desire for quality family learning time together?           This is for you!
Join our Kindergarten Construction Zone: D4Y Program…..

And coming soon:

How Young Children Learn: Making Every Minute Count

5-week Quick Start program to learn the Building Blocks for Early Literacy   so you can start improving your child’s communication skills from day 1!


Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Build a Bridge to Kindergarten is developed by two experienced early childhood professionals (an urban elementary school principal and an early childhood teacher) who are also moms and grandmas.

      You can trust us because we have the knowledge and experience               to help you make a difference for your child.