Bridges Program

Coming in February 2018:

The Bridge from Home to School is Communication!

Join us in February when we launch our new course: Confident Communicators.

Confident Communicators is a course for parents who want to build their child’s ability to share their thoughts and ideas, ask for help when needed, share their school day when they get home, and be able to fully participate in all the learning that happens at school each day. For a child to accomplish any of these goals, they must have enough words to use to speak and ask questions as well as understand what is being said, read, and shared. Confident Communicators will explain the basics of good communication as well as showing parents how to improve a child’s communication skills.

Kindergarten can be overwhelming for a young child. Imagine: needing to use the bathroom, but not knowing how to ask; feeling scared but not being able to get reassurance; feeling pressured by a strong willed child and not knowing how to use words to stand up for themselves; hearing the teacher read a book or explain a concept but not having the vocabulary to understand what is being talked about; not knowing how to ask for more information; not having enough words to fully share the school day with a parent when they get home; not knowing how to tell the school nurse you are sick. These difficult situations can be avoided or at least lessened when a child knows how to share their thoughts and feelings AND has the practice to feel confident.

Join us for five weeks of the course and make a difference for your child.

For more information or to go on our waiting list, Email Karen at with CONFCOM in the message line and we’ll keep you informed!