Foundations February 2017

heartFEBRUARY’S THEME: Healthy Hearts

In February, our theme is healthy hearts. Activities, books, and vocabulary are all about being healthy and active.

*** Click here for a printable February’s Foundations Blueprint! ***

THE BLUEPRINT: Your learning plan for the month Foundations_February17_page1 Foundations_February17_page2

The monthly Blueprint is organized by Building Block. Here you’ll find the monthly focus skills and how to teach them to your child. Practice these activities and skills throughout the month (just a few minutes at a time) and you will see your child learning new things and starting to build their confidence as a learner.

Work learning into your daily activities, like a trip to the grocery store! “Look at the red apples.  What else do you see that is red?

*** Click here for a printable Heart Coloring Page ***