What makes Get Ready 4 Kindergarten unique?

Based on the Five Building Blocks of Early Literacy (reading, talking, playing, thinking, and doing), Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Build a Bridge to Kindergarten programs are designed to help your child build a strong foundation for learning in kindergarten and to become a Confident Communicator.

A child who communicates with confidence enters kindergarten able to express their needs, wants, and concerns more clearly.

Why is Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Build a Bridge to Kindergarten program the best choice?

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Build a Bridge to Kindergarten program is designed by certified and experienced professional educators who know first-hand that:

  • a child who can communicate with confidence is more likely to seek and receive help when needed
  • a confident communicator does not have to wait until someone notices that they need help or attention
  • a confident communicator is more likely to share their school day in greater detail with their family because they have the vocabulary and skills to tell their story

Build a Bridge to Kindergarten comes in 2 formats:

1. The Preschool Subscription Box is a totally done-for-you program delivered to your door each month. Just open the box and dive into learning with your child.

2. The Preschool Membership Site is a downloadable version of the subscription box. You’ll have to collect, shop, and prepare for learning activities with your child.

What are the qualifications of our professional staff?

Both of our program leaders have degrees in education and years of experience in early childhood classrooms. Karen Meyer holds an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education, along with graduate degrees in Counseling and in School Administration.  She is an experienced teacher, school counselor, and principal. Karen Andrews holds an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education. She has taught preschool through first grade for over 20 years.

Will your child be “Kindergarten Ready”?

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten (GR4K) can help make that happen! GR4K is a home-based early literacy program for parents and caregivers to use with preschoolers. The GR4K Build a Bridge to Kindergarten program provides monthly learning activities to build your preschooler’s vocabulary and get them “kindergarten ready”.

The more you do with your child, the more they will learn. The more they learn, the more successful they will be in school!

Who should use the Build a Bridge to Kindergarten program?

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Build a Bridge program is for anyone who wants to encourage young children to learn while having fun. Though each of Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s programs can be used as a home preschool experience, it is also the perfect supplement to traditional preschool, or a resource for family activities. Using one of our programs will help you connect with your child, build their vocabulary and understanding, and have fun while you learn together.

I’m not a teacher, should I use Get Ready 4 Kindergarten?

Absolutely! This program is developed by teachers who loved learning with their own children. We will give you the resources you need to work with your child and support you as you gain confidence to teach your own child. Parent training will be available soon to help build your understanding of how your child learns and how you can support that learning.

How much time do I need for Get Ready 4 Kindergarten?

Great question! And the answer is, it depends! Get Ready 4 Kindergarten will work for you if:

  • you have time to spend learning with your child every day or
  • you grab a few minutes when you can and need something ready to go when you are

Our program is flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs. If you are looking for a highly structured, 5 day a week, 3 hour a day program, that is probably not GR4K.

Where can you use Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s activities?

Anywhere! Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Build a Bridge to Kindergarten program is available online, which makes it easy to access materials from your computer, tablet or phone. The activities can be done at home or you can print them out and take them with you on an errand or a trip. Gather some friends to do these fun activities together!

How much does Get Ready 4 Kindergarten cost?

GR4K’s Bridge to Kindergarten has different levels of support. All are based on the Five Building Blocks  of Early Learning and focus on improving early literacy through high quality children’s books, vocabulary building, and parent/child interaction. Pick the program that works best for you.

1.Preschool Subscription Box: Complete, everything included program delivered to your door each month. This program also includes total access to the Preschool Membership Site.

The Preschool Subscription Box costs $75. per month!

2. Preschool Membership Site: Downloadable monthly program accessible through a private member site.

The Preschool Membership Site costs $35. per month!

3. Blueprint for Learning: Delivered electronically once you’ve signed up. You’ll receive our monthly newsletter with a link to the month’s Blueprint and a few extra resources.

The Blueprint for Learning program is FREE!