Will your child be ready for Kindergarten?

The first five years of your child’s life build the foundation for their future success!

Are they getting everything they need out of this time?33162275 - a father is exercising the alphabet with his little daughter

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten gives parents who want their children to succeed in kindergarten a clear plan and the material support to build their child’s language, reading, and math readiness skills. Using teacher developed materials and easy to follow steps that fit into their everyday life, parents can share the joy of learning with their children.

GR4K’s Build a Bridge to Kindergarten is developed by two experienced early childhood professionals (an urban elementary school principal and an early childhood teacher) who are also moms and grandmas. Based on the 5 Building Blocks of Early Literacy, all of our programs focus on building a child’s vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills through high quality children’s books, games, learning activities, crafts, and cooking.

Whether you’re looking for a stand alone program to use with your preschooler, a supplement to preschool/day care, or a resource for high quality family time, Get Ready 4 Kindergarten has a program that will meet your needs.

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Bridge to Kindergarten’s Monthly Activity Box Delivered to Your Door:

opening_boxA month’s worth of learning materials and activities delivered to your door to help you enjoy quality learning time with your child without the hassle of planning, prepping, shopping, and gathering.

The family learning box, gives parents new resources each month to engage the whole family in fun activities that encourage thinking, build vocabulary, and help children make connections with new learning while being together as a family!

Everything is included: books, word cards, math and language activities, crafts, recipes, and more. Just open the box and get started!
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