According to Kindergarten Teachers, 3 out of 5 children are not ready to learn when they start school!

What makes the difference between success and failure?


What can parents do?

  1. Use the Building Blocks for Early Learning – Talk, Read, Play, Think, and Do – every day!
  2. Make reading together part of your daily routine!
  3. Use one of Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s programs to help your child beat the odds for kindergarten failure!

All concerned parents want high quality, screen-free family experiences tsept_activity_boxo make the most of their time together and to build long lasting family memories, but in today’s fast paced and demanding world it’s hard to find time to look for ideas and gather materials to make those magic moments happen.

Whether you’re looking for a complete curriculum for a language-based  home-preschool experience, hours of high quality family time, or something in between, Get Ready 4 Kindergarten has a program for you.

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten supports parents who want to help their children succeed:

GR4K’s Preschool Preschool in a Box

opening_boxEach month, a brand new box of fun materials and activities will be delivered to your door ready to open and start learning together as a family without the hassle of planning, prepping, shopping, or gathering.

Each month, GR4K gives parents new resources that will engage the whole family in fun activities that encourage thinking, build vocabulary, and help children make connections with new learning while being together as a family!

Each month, parents just open the box and get started! Everything you need is included in the box: girl_readingbooks, word cards, math and language activities, crafts, recipes, and more.

Get GR4K’s Preschool in a Box Delivered to Your Door!


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