Kindercarton Subscription

Kindercartons are a subscription based preschool in a box! Each month, a new learning filled box arrives at your door ready to start the learning!

Each Monthly Kindercarton includes:

Math and language skills for the month from GR4K’s Bridge to Kindergarten curriculum based on national preschool expectations

4 colorful word cards to build your child’s vocabulary with special ideas to help your child understand and use the new words

 High quality book about the monthly theme plus annotated book list to build content knowledge of monthly theme · Game or activity based on monthly theme · 3 complete craft kits

Recipe of the month

Extensive Parent Guide to support parents as their children’s first and most important teachers

All information included in Blueprints

Access to free, private Facebook Group for Kindercarton Parents

Monthly plan is $59.90 each month, includes one box delivered, includes shipping.  Cancel anytime.

One Month Kindercarton